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Here's what some of our readers have said about AviTrader Publications

We offer a wide range of MRO and aerostructure repairs at Vallair, alongside our materials management,  cargo conversion and trading and leasing activities.  So finding good media partners that we can rely upon to reach our varied target audiences and deliver content that we can leverage across our own digital platforms is very important for us.  Because AviTraderMRO is targeted at decision makers in the aircraft maintenance and trading sectors we are able to position our message accurately.

AviTrader is an extremely resourceful publication covering every aspect of the commercial aircraft industry in an authoritative and engaging approach. As an editorial and advertising vehicle, our participation in industry features, coverage of news announcements and the publishing of our adverts have benefitted AerFin significantly from the association with the publication.

AviTrader MRO is a valuable tool for the aviation MRO industry. It is refreshing to have a publication that is focused on our part of the market and provides a great source if information on new products and ideas. I appreciate the convenience of having it delivered via e-mail and the quick, well-written synopsis of happenings in our industry. I look forward to reading each issue.

Relevant information in real time!  Avitrader provides instant access to what’s happening now. While their MRO publication captures what is trending across the airline ecosystem.  Avitrader is a valuable resource at all levels of management all the way up to the C-Suite.

Many thanks for always putting out my regular Monday morning read. I enjoy the articles and information every week.

Aero Norway is very pleased to include AviTraderMRO  in our advertising programme.  They provide excellent insight across a wide range of industry topics and their articles are always well-researched and balanced. AviTrader was a pioneer in digital media and their forward-looking approach is reflected in the relationships they establish with aviation leaders – it is always a good read. As a specialist CFM56 engine MRO, we are keen to reach out to a broad customer base of airlines and lessors and AviTrader helps us to do that.

Your magazine is considered one of the most successful magazines in the aviation industry.

Your magazine is considered one of the most successful magazines in the aviation industry.

When it comes to leading aviation news and views AviTrader MRO magazine is up there with the industry's best.  With relevant topics and balanced opinions on what is happening in our world of MRO and aircraft support, you can be sure of a varied, informative, and well-written read in the monthly magazine. As regular contributors the exposure we gain within our industry is fantastic and working with the great AviTrader team of industry experts is the aileron on the wingtip!

AviTrader MRO is our team's go-to resource for the latest industry news, and it's a great way for us to stay informed of current market trends affecting the aviation industry. It is always an informative read and we truly appreciate the opportunity to share our thoughts on important industry topics.

I think your publication is world-class and I use the information on a daily basis

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