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The AviTrader Publication Portfolio is well followed and read by major companies’ top decision makers in the aviation industry.  It has become a ‘must read’ due to the editorial content and the nature on how we present today’s news as well as market insights.    

For over 15 years, AviTrader has become the leading electronic source for up-to-date commercial aviation news. We produce the most widespread news to our readers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis about the developments in the aviation community. 

Our publications is well received in many sectors of the aviation industry.  We publish aviation news covering everything from airline related activities, comprehensive MRO sector coverage to unique editorial content – providing exceptional up-to-date market insight to our readership.

Here is the breakdown of our readership –

Readership Sector
Maintenance 29.6%
Airline 22.3%
Consulting 12.1%
Leasing 11.5%
Manufacturing 9.0%
Parts Trading 8.9%
Other 6.6%
Readership Position
Executives 23.9%
Middle Management 26.3%
Trained Professional 13.6%
Business Owner 13.3%
Consultant 5.7%
Self-employed / partner 5.0%
Other 12.2%

Our aviation publications include:

  • The Daily Aviation News Alert provides a quick overview about what happened in the industry today.
  • The Weekly Aviation Headlines delivers a global weekly round-up of the top headlines across the industry, as well as exclusive stories into the week’s most significant events.
  • The Monthly MRO Magazine gives our readers insightful reporting and analysis into the most relevant issues facing the industry today.
aviation news
Monthly MRO Magazine
Weekly Aviation Headlines
Aircraft & Engine Marketplace
Daily Aviation
News Alert
Distribution and Social Media


We distribute our products to over 15 thousand subscribers.  We also take advantage of social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to further increase our readership – this maximizes the advertising value to our advertising customers.


Results of our August 2020 Survey

In August 2020, we conducted a survey with our readership and have confirmed that we are provide the most value to our advertising customers as we have captured the interest from key decision makers and have increased future readership potential –

  • of our readers are involved in projects and sourcing decisions.
  • of our readers say that it is very likely that they recommend our publications.
  • of our readers are sharing our publications on a regular basis.

From leading Airlines, MROs to Service Providers as well as Aircraft and Engine Marketers and Leasing companies are using AviTrader as their advertising medium of choice to promote their products and services globally. If you need to sell an Aircraft or Engine, AviTrader provides the highest selling success rate by providing the most highly accepted and comprehensive aircraft and engine marketplace in the aviation industry.

Quick Facts:

  • AviTrader reports about major aircraft deals, MRO contracts, financial news and industry
  • AviTrader is distributed via email
  • AviTrader is distributed without subscription charges to its readership
  • The AviTrader readership growth rate exceeds 20 percent per annum
  • The AviTrader key products (daily news, weekly e-magazine and webpage) guarantee the highest possible exposure to our advertising customers
  • Leader in publishing available aircraft & engines
  • Leading companies are using AviTrader as a cost-effective advertising vehicle for product company branding
  • AviTrader reaches out to executives and specialists in the airline and service industry

Product Overview

aviation news
Monthly MRO Magazine

Monthly MRO Magazine:

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  • Monthly features focusing on key issues in MRO sector, exclusive insight from senior industry executives, regular in-depth company profiles.
  • Subscription free monthly magazine straight to your inbox, as a pdf attachment or link to hosted site.

Weekly Aviation Headlines:

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  • The industry leading weekly aviation newsletter
  • No subscription charges
  • Distributed in magazine style every Monday via email.
  • Subscriber growth rate exceeds 20 percent per annum
  • AviTrader’s flag ship publication since 2005
  • Multiple advertising opportunities for every budget (see attached advertising rates for samples)
Weekly Aviation Headlines
Aircraft & Engine Marketplace

Weekly Aviation Marketplace:

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  • The industries most comprehensive line listings
  • Distributed as attachment to the weekly newsletter
  • Marketplace lists equipment from individual components to fleets of Boeing 747-400s
  • Convenient updating service provided by AviTrader
  • Simple pricing mechanism for line advertisement
  • Attractive vehicle to display banners and strip ad

Daily Aviation News Alert:

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  • Headlines linked with AviTrader website
  • Exclusive strip ads available for highest ad visibility
Daily Aviation News Alert
Website Banners

AviTrader Website:

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  • is accessed direct or via news-links from the daily email alert
  • News landing page direct accessed trough daily email alert
  • Advanced navigation provides attractive advertisement display

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